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Seafood Goddess - It's all about the seafood

A Family Owned Business

Christina - Charleston, SC

Julee - Oakwood, OH

David - Cincinnati, OH

Steve, Mindi & Kaia - Medford, OR


Wholesome Goddess Gourmet Spices are a collection of gourmet seasonings  known for its handmade, small-batch, artisan spice blends designed to bring out the natural delicious flavors of  seafood, meats and veggies.  The wholesome seasonings are perfect for seafood and great for your everyday cooking. All the products are 100% natural, hand-crafted, sugar free, gluten free and contain no MSG, no preservatives, no additives and no anti caking chemicals. The super simple  sensational recipes create an exciting food experience and will hopefully encourage you to cook more seafood with confidence. We hope to stir your creativity as you explore your passion for food. ​The American Heart Association urges adults to eat two fish meals a week. 73% of Americans eat seafood out at a restaurant, not at home. We hope to change that. Cook more seafood and create lasting loving memories with family and friends. 

Wholesome Goddess is a family owned business.  Products are produced in a gluten free facility located at 309 W. Main St. Fairborn, OH. Sales office are located at 311 Monteray Ave.  Oakwood, OH and a sales office at 1425 Tomota Ct. Mt. Pleasant, SC (Charleston)

Our Story:

It was an ah-ha moment. Standing in the kitchen with Nana Fisiello watching her make the gravy. It’s what some Italian families call a big pot of spaghetti sauce.  No recipe to follow, Nana just knew what to do. As the gravy was left on low to simmer, the men came into the kitchen.  With a deep dedication to the holiday tradition, they gathered the family at one big table and over the next 4 hours kept bringing one seafood dish after another. Things I had never seen before. Smelts, salted cod, linguine with clams and at the end a fresh green salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. Salad at the end? That was the first time I learned of the Italian celebration, the Feast of the Seven Fishes. My 3 children are Italian, so as any good woman who married into an Italian family would do, I kept the tradition for my family. I took a good idea and put my own spin on it. My passion for cooking grew. Traveling became an adventure to find new and interesting seafood dishes to serve at my holiday fish feast. Christina moved to Charleston SC after college to live by the ocean. The Southern flavors of Lowcounty and the Gullah influence opened our eyes. Buying shrimp and oysters on the dock at Shem Creek in Mt. Pleasant helped inspire our Lowcountry Cajun seasoning. My son Steven with his family Mindi and Kaia, moved to Oregon to live near the ocean. A small fishing village there served us a smoky grilled salmon head as an appetizer. I know it sounds weird, but oh my! The meat and flavor were so rich and divine. The smokey flavor of red alder wood, the traditional Pacific Northwest pair for salmon inspired our Alderwood Fennel Salt and Pepper grinder. Another travel adventure took me to Zihuantanejo MX. Like many small fishing villages, life revolves around seafood. They catch it, sell it and all the locals cook it. Simple and yet so fascinating. I decided that cooking, sharing, inspiring, and encouraging with wholesome spices and recipes was my true calling and passion. It’s what matters to me. Lucky for me, my children share an excitement for seafood and cooking.  David is my youngest.  He’s the go getter creating a following of happy customers at farmers markets and online. He’s a beginner cook, and I am one proud Mama to see his cooking skills grow. Thank you for visiting our site and taking time to learn about our family. Each package of spices is hand-crafted with love, just for you. Happy Cooking!  

A Message To You From Our Hearts:

God gives each of us a unique talent. It’s what makes us special. Life’s journey is to discover our talents and passion and then use them to serve others.  Artists express themselves through their masterpieces  Cooking is my art. If you love to cook, then expressing yourself though cooking can bring wonderous joy to you and to those you share your creations with.  Wholesome cooking provides for our physical bodies, but it also nourishes our spirit and mind. It creates lifelong memories, family traditions and is at the heart of every family, home, holiday, and special moments shared with those we love.  Being inspired to try something new brings such excitement to a passionate cook. I can do this! Recipes are the framework, and your talent for knowing how to make it special will come to you. If you are just beginning your journey of learning how to cook, then press on, because it’s so rewarding and fun. Remember, you never stop learning. Always be on the lookout for new inspiration, and cook with confidence. Sharing our talents and passion for cooking seafood with our wholesome spices and simple elegant recipes will hopefully touch you. Our spices were ceated for seafood, but they are great on all of your everyday cooking. Try it with beef, pork, chicken and definately try them with roasted vegetables. I have included many recipes for vegetables in our recipes.         ~From our kitchen to yours, The Terilli Family                                                                                                       

#1 Course - Feast of the Seven Fishes

Grilling Oysters

Lake Chautauqua Fishing Trip 

Allex's first fish at Lake Chautauqua

Seafood Boil Feast

DLM Lobster Sale 

Charleston SC  Fish Market

Provincetown, Cape Cod

Loving the great outdoors

The Gravy - The meatballs

Crab Claws, Kennebunk, ME

Lobster Roll, Portsmouth, NH

Coming up: Cajun Shrimp

Grilled Salmon Head, Florence, OR

Newport, Oregon Coast

Bob  Fishing, Covington OH

Fish market on the dock, Newport OR

Lobster Fisherman in Oregon

Family June 2016 Yellow Springs, OH

Julee's Roasted Vegetables 

Foolish Frog- Beaufort, SC

Red Eats- Famous Lobster Rolls, Wiscasset, ME

The Quail Lodge,  Carmel Valley, Ca

Yellow Springs, 2016

Italian men cook!   Grandpa Terilli


Christina and Linda Terilli