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You should always consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

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“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.”                                                                                              Cesar Chavez

"The discovery of a new dish confers more happiness on humanity, than the discovery of a new star." Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

" The preperation of good food is merely another expression of art, one of the joys of civilized living." Dione Lucas 

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”   Virginia Woolf

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Hippocrates

eat well - English

mangia bene - Italian

goed eten - Dutch

comer bien - Spanish

bien manger - French

gut essen - German

manca bine - Romanian

kula vizuri - Swahili

eʻai pono  -  Hawaiian

"Humans have been using spices on their foods as far back as 50,000 B.C. But, beyond adding flavor, these herbs, spices, seeds and bark can also add years to your life. Spices are rich in phytonutrients and other active ingredients that protect against disease and promote health and healing. " Judith Frank-Eldet  

"Pink Goddess is amazing, we use it on everything!"

Heather Zimmaro, Dayton OH